International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)
  • ISSN : 2454-1532 (Online)


Scope - International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)

International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA) is a peer reviewed, quarterly international journal that publishes emerging research in signal processing involving Electronics, Computer Science, Biomedical, and Biotechnology. Some of the fields falling in the arena of the journal are

• Electronics devices and circuits
• Processors and microcontrollers
• Control systems, automation, and robotics
• Digital signal processing
• Image processing
• Speech processing
• Microelectronics
• Nanotechnology
• Biotechnology
• Biomedical signals and systems
• Networking and security
• Computer engineering
• Communication engineering
• Electrical engineering
• Managment technologies
• Biotech applications
• Mathematical systems and modelling
• Chemical engineering

It may be noted that IJSTA has a highly qualified team of experts derived from renowned institutions and hence, the shallow researchers are advised not to waste their time in submitting research articles not involving rigorous experimentations and thinking in terms of drafting the manuscripts. We publish only original, scientifically tested, technically useful, and seriously drafted manuscripts on the basis of blind review. On the basis of the comments received from the reviewers, an associate editor (different from the reviewers) will be associated to each manuscript for improving the content and drafting.