International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)
  • ISSN : 2454-1532 (Online)

News & Events

  • Special Issue of NCEEITET-2015 organized by GCET Jammu and IETE Jammu Centre has been published. Please see Current Issue for more details.
  • IJSTA is working on indexing of the journal in the leading scientific databases sucha as, SCI, Scopus, PubMed, and other leading scientific databases.
  • IJSTA has published NCTECT-2015 (National conference organized by IETE Jammu Centre on 20th March, 2015) papers speccial issue of September, 2015.
  • Online applications from highly qualified professors/scientists with good expertise in any research area falling under the domain of IJSTA are invited for the editorial board. The resume may be send to [email protected]