International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)
  • ISSN : 2454-1532 (Online)

Current Issue

IJSTA : Volume 3 Issue 3

Investigating the Quality of Speech of Birds Using Linear Predictive Coding

Randhir Singh et al.

IJSTA : Volume 3 Issue 2

1. Analysis of video/image steganography using encrypted audio

Kanu Raj Singh and Pawanesh Abrol

2. Targeting cell signaling and apoptotic pathways by EGCG: a potential role in the prevention and treatment of ischemic heart disease

Peng Yang

3. A Review on retinal vessel segmentation using neighbourhood estimator before filling on fundus images

4. Review on various lane colorization algorithms

Tamanna and Arushi Bhardwaj

5. Improving maintenance practice for road network in Sudan

Magdi M. E. Zumrawi and Kamal M. Margani

6. Performance analysis of heat-based smartcell phone charger

Mgbachi C. A. and Nwobodo H. N

7. Effect of initial population on the genetic algorithm using solar panel alignment

Arfana Chowdhary, Harjit Singh,and Parveen Kumar Lehana

8. Review on various image fusion techniques

Palwinder kaur and Simranjit Kaur

9. Synthesis and applications of stannic(IV) oxoarsenotungstate based cation exchanger for copper (II)


IJSTA : Volume 3 Issue 1

1. Performance Evaluation of Watermarking Technique based on the DWT and Modified SVD

Rupali Nayyar, Randhir Singh, and Ritika

2. Study of New Synthesized Cerium (IV) Iodoarsenate: An Inorganic Cation-Exchanger and its Applications

Teena, Kaushal Tomar, and Neena Khanna

3. Oxidative Determination of Some New Antihistamine Drugs in Pure Form and in Their Pharmaceutical Preparations by Using Cu (III) Reagent

Virendra Kumar, I. C. Shukla, and Teena

4. Optimization of Light Switching Pattern on Large Scale using Genetic Algorithm

Priyanka Sambyal, Pawanesh Abrol, and Parveen Lehana

5. Server Hardware Design and LUA based Implementation using Wi-Fi based RISC Processor

Aditee Mattoo, Pawanesh Abrol, and Parveen Lehana

6. Effect of Multiple Light Sources on the Alignment of Solar Panels using Genetic Algorithm

Arfana Chowdhary, Harjit Singh, and Parveen Kumar Lehana

7. Effect of Block Size on Spark Detection in Power Transmission Lines using GLCM

Manisha Sanwal, Nishant Kashyap, and Parveen Kumar Lehana

8. Systematic Analysis of Congestion Control in WDM Mesh Networks

S. R. Boselin Prabhu, M. Pradeep, and E. Gajendran

9. Environmental Consequences of Global Climate Change

Rahul Shrivastava and Subhash Chand Dubey

10. The Investigation and Resolution of the Pollution of Palm Computer by Bacterium

Xiao-ling He

11. Mitigation of Research Insights in Wireless Electricity Transmission System>

S. R. Boselin Prabhu, M. Pradeep, and E. Gajendran

12. Design and Analysis of LTE Antenna for Fourth Generation Wireless System

S. R. Boselin Prabhu, M. Pradeep, and E. Gajendran

13. Embedding Hierarchical Concept of Clustering for Large Scale Sensor Network

S. R. Boselin Prabhu, M. Pradeep, and E. Gajendran

IJSTA : Special Issue (Volume 2 Issue 4) for NCEEITET-16 organised by GCET, Jammu during November 11-12, 2016 (Format Editor: Er Jyoti Lalotra)

1. Fuzzy Logic Controlled Three-Phase Improved Power Quality Converter for Disturbed AC Mains

Deepak Sharma, Abdul Hamid Bhat and Aijaz Ahmad

2. Thermal Energy Storage :Way of Sustainable Development

A.K. Pathak, Har Mohan Singh, Aditya Chauhan, Sanjeev Anand and V. V. Tyagi

3. Single Phase to Three Phase AC- DC- AC Power Conversion System

Bashama.Sultana and M.S.Aspalli

4. INR Strength Prediction Using SVM and MARS

Simmi Dutta and Hiteshwar

5. Image Analysis Technique to Enhance Low Contrast Regions of Regenerated Satellite Image Texture

Chaahat, Sandeep Arya, Jang Bahadur Singh, Romilla Malla Bhat, Santoresh Kumari and Parveen Lehana

6. Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) and Its Recent Developments

Sanjay Sharma , Syed Rabia, Aditya Chuahan and A.K.Pathaka

7. Energy Conservation Measures Adopted For the Conservation of Energy in Domestic Sector

Sahil Gupta, Abrar Tariq and Loveneesh Talwar

8. Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors Importance and Innovations in Wide range Applications

Aman Sharma and A. K. Pathak

9. Comparison of higher order log domain low pass filters

Harjeet Kaur, Roshani Gupta, Rockey Gupta and Susheel Sharma

10. Effect of Fatigue on Speech and EMG Signals Generated in Zygomaticus Muscles

Jang Bahadur Singh, Sandeep Arya, and Parveen Kumar Lehana

11. A Review on Photo Voltaic Thermal Systems

Alankrit Srivastava, Sahil Arora , Varun Dutta, Sanjay Sharma and Kapil Chopra

12. Analyzing Commercial Aspects and Security Concerns Involved in Energy Efficient Cloud Computing

Gagandeep Jagdev , Jasreet, Gaganjit Kaur and Amandeep Kaur

13. Privilege Escalation Attack on Android and its Defences

Akshay Bhardwaj and A J Singh

14. A Success Story (Jalandhar-Samba-Amargarh Transmission Project)

K R SURI , Subash Ghosal, Swarn Singh, Sanil Nambodiripad and P K Raha

15. Industrial Inspection: A Machine Vision Approach

Shweta Kashya and Amit Kumar Sinha

16. A study of solute-solute and solute-solvent interactions of L-threonine with aqueous-lactose solutions at various temperatures using viscometric methods

Ashwani Kumar and Rajinder Kumar Bamezai

17. A Taxonomy of Prevention and Analysis Based Security Solutions for Android

Akshay Bhardwaj and A J Singh

18. Review of Routing Protocols in Manets

Sukanya Gupta, and Aakanksha Kapoor

19. Performance of Current Controlled Current Conveyor based on Complementary Source Follower

Vinod Kumar, Rockey Gupta, Roshani Gupta, and Susheel Sharma

20. Windows Security Software

Amit Kumar, Abhishek Gupta and Deepti Malhotra

21. Android Security Threats and Proposed Solutions: An Overview

Akshay Bhardwaj and A J Singh

22. Geothermal Energy: An Overview

Rakesh Gupta, A. K. Pathak and Har Mohan Singh

23. Study of short channel effects for Si and GaN based n-channel FinFETs

Richa Gupta and Rakesh Vaid

24. Proposed Model of Future Battle Suit Helmet

Rishab Kaw and Neeraj Tripathi

25. Analyzing 2D & 3D Fingerprint Recognition Techniques as Secure Biometric

Gagandeep Jagdev and Ashok Kumar

26. Li-Fi: Lighting the Smart Classes using Wireless Networks

Namita Singh

27. Challenges and Opportunities in Future Grid

Amarjeet Chopra and Nitin Langer

28. Developing a Cost Efficient Wireless Voting System

Parveen Sharma and Mayukhbanathia

29. To Study Sustainability and Implementation of Green Manufacturing on Various Manufacturing Processes

Natish Patyal, Abhijeet Saini and Varun Dutta

30. Maze Generation & Solver

Preeti Dubey and Komal Sarita

31. Case Study on Android, The Leading Smartphone Operating Systems

Muneer Ahmad Dar, Syed Nisar Hussain Bukhar and Ashaq Hussain Dar

32. Popular Agile Methods In Software Development: Review And Analysis

R. Vijay Anand and Dr. M. Dinakaran

33. Car Cabin Thermal Accumulation Analysis of At Various Points

Sahib Singh, Amit Mehta and Vishal Gupta

34. Potential Security Threats To CRN: A Survey

Harsh Magotra, Sameeru Sharma and Harinder Dhingra

35. Virtual Reality: An Overview

Akshay Bhardwaj, Minakshi Bhardwaj and Anu Gaur

36. Scrutinizing Working and Proposing Solutions to Security Issues Involved in Retail RFID

Gagandeep Jagdev and Rupinder Kaur

37. Comparative Study of CMOS and FGMOS based Digital Gates

Roshani Gupta, Harjeet Kaur, Rockey Gupta and Susheel Sharma

38. Analysis Of A Hybrid Wind Power Generation System In Isolated Mode

Bhanu Partap Singh , Monika Balgotra and Meghna Sharma

39. Review and Analysis of Applying Agile Methodology in Software Development

Syed Nisar Bukhari, Ashaq Hussain Dar and Muneer Ahmad Dar

40. Intelligent System For Sfra of Transformer

Richa Kapoor and Himanshu Vijay

41. Security Threats and Solutions in Embedded Systems: Review Paper

Manu Gupta and Danish Mukhtar

42. A Review on Wormhole Attack in Aodv For Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

Priyanka Sharma, Sameeru Sharma and Harinder Dhingra

43. Proposed Cloud Computing Solution for Accessing Patient’s Information

Jatinder Kumar and Rekha Chandna

44. Optimizing Conditions for performing GMAW (TIG) Welding on Ultra 904L Specimens

Sanjeev Gupta

45. Power Efficient Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Suparti Koul and Harmanjot Kaur

46. Vanets – A Novel Approach Towards Creating Hi-Tech Network on Roads

Gagandeep Jagdev and Neha

47. Effect Of Harmonics on Performance Characteristics of Three Phase Induction Motor

Ankush Raina and Anshu Khosla

48. A Review study on HOMER based Economic Analysis of Solar –Biomass Hybrid Generation

Sonam Gupta

49. O-Glycopeptides: Pd(0) Catalyzed Stereoselective β-O-Glycosidation of Serine and Threonine, Enroute to Generation of New Class of Glycopeptides

SAnita Brar and Y.D. Vankar

50. Software Testing Goals , Methods and Their in-Depth Analysis

Anil Gupta, Ayush Malhotra and Supriya Gupta

50. Software Testing Goals , Methods and Their in-Depth Analysis

Anil Gupta, Ayush Malhotra and Supriya Gupta

51. Wind Energy Development Strategies and Policies in India

Akhil Sharma ,Oshin Chatta, Afshan Rashid , Aman Gupta and Vasundhra Gupta

51. Wind Energy Development Strategies and Policies in India

Akhil Sharma, Oshin Chatta, Afshan Rashid, Aman Gupta and Vasundhra Gupta

52. Estimation and Evaluation of Reliability, Availability of Ball Mill in Paint Manufacturing Unit

Sarabjeet Singh and Pradeep Singh

53. Neural Signal Controlled Wheelchair Based on Electroencephalogram

Himanshu Salhotra, Yogesh Tickoo Mohit Kumar, Saksham Gandotra and Divya Jain

54. Review and Analysis of Proxy Servers and Their Security Issues in Web Domain

Ashaq Hussain Dar, Fayaz Ahmad Fayaz, Syed Nisar Hussain Bukhari and Muneer Ahmad Dar

55. Organic Farming Potential As Sustainable agriculture: A J&K Perspective

Arjit Khajuria and Deepak Jain

56. Study Of Various Process Parameters, Defects and Their Control in Submerged Arc Welding – Review

Sahil Thappa, Pranav Dev Srivyas, Sahil Singh and Sarbjeet Singh

57. Structure Of N-Hydroxy-4-Phenylbut-3-En-2-Imine

Preetika Sharma, S. Samshuddin, B. Narayana and Rajni Kant

58. Iot Based Agriculture Automation With Intrusion Detection

Taru Mahajan

59. Impact of Innovation Climate on Technological capability Enhancement

Ranju Katoch

60. Some Generalized Double lacunary Sequence Spaces

Seema Jamwal

61. Fuzzy Logic Based Video Quality Adaptation In Future Ready Smart Home

Heena Gupta, Richa Gupta,Bhawna Sharma and Sheetal Gandotra

62. VHDL Design & FPGA Implementation of 16-bit Microprocessor

Surbhi Sharma, Meena Kohli and Rachit Vaid

63. Comparison of Energy Efficiency of Nodes in Next Generation Wireless Network

Akshita Abrol, Sameeru Sharma and Harinder Dhingra

64. Sound Compression Using Linear Predictive Coding Technique

Manoj Kumar and Sumer Khajuria

65. Connected Component based English Character Set Segmentation

Nitigya Sambyal and Pawanesh Abrol

66. Exploring Non Linearity in Acoustics for Generating Glottal Excitation for Laryngeotomee

Romilla Malla Bhat and Parveen Lehana

67. Biomedical Applications of Electric Field Dependent Microfluidic Flow

Preeti. Rajput and Parveen Lehana

IJSTA : Volume 2 Issue 3

1. Investigation of Filtering Effect of Shape and Size of Shankha on Traffic Noise

Amardeep Singh, Randhir Singh

2. Investigation of Enhancement of OM Chanting Sound by Shankha

Amardeep Singh, Randhir Singh

3. Investigation of Loading Effect on Fuel Cell

Ramandeep Singh, Randhir Singh, Jyoti Lalotra

4. Effect of Fuel Concentration on Power Generation in Bio-Fuel Cell

Ramandeep Singh, Randhir Singh

5. Effect of HFTID Controller on the Stability of Thermal Power Generator

Anshuman Sehgal, Jaspreet Kaur

6. Thermal- Hydro Power Systems Control by HFTID Controller

Anshuman Sehgal, Jaspreet Kaur

7. Performance evaluation of BFOA based audio enhancement technique

Parul Mahajan, Randhir Singh, and Ritika

IJSTA : Volume 2 Issue 2

1. Building Work Motivation of Irregular Shift Workers in UTAC Thai Co., Ltd.

Boonyyarat Yimpradi, Tosaporn Mahamud

2. Motivation of Employee in N.A.P. Service and Trading Co., Ltd.

Praristha Thanompet, Tosaporn Mahamud

3. Organizational Commitment of Medical Service Staffs in Phatara-Thonburi Hospital

Suravitch Ponpai, Sutham Phongsamran

4. Consumer’s Choice to use Service of Fong Fab Laundry and Dry Clean Shop (Onnuch 46 Branch Bangkok)

Watchara Yisuntes, Natthaphat Puttawong

5. Employee Morale in Siam Commercial Bank Ramathibodi Branch, Bangkok

Sophida Homnan, Sutham Pongsamran

6. Forward Error Correction (FEC) Coding Techniques for Reliable Communication Systems

Jyoti Sharma, Sanjeev Sharma, Priya Sharma

7. Neural Network for Diagnosis of Ovarian Cancer based on Proteomic Patterns in Serum

Anjali Sharma, Satnam Singh

8. Spectral Efficiency Evaluation of Digital Transmission Communication System

Shivyia Gupta, Ritika, Sanjeev Kumar

9. Long-term Variation of TSI, Climate Change and Global Warming

Vishnu Gopal Keshari, Subhash Chand Dubey

10. Sub-Acute Gastric Outlet Obstruction by Diospyrobezoar in Partial Gastrestectomy Patient and Endoscopic Management

Guragain Umesh, Xiao Ping Tan

11. Online Voting System

Advait Salkar, Vikramchand Gupta, Llewellyn Dsouza

12. Design and Development of 3D Insect Modeling, Identification, and Dynamic Database Updation

Sarika Mahajan, Pawanesh Abrol, Parveen K. Lehana

13. AgroVaid: A User-friendly Agriculture System for Enhanced Farmer Interaction

Ashima Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol, Parveen K. Lehana

14. Mobile Anti-Theft

Aditya Pandey, Saloni Kalsekar, Prashant Singh, Joshua Durai, Seema Chaurasia

15. Blind Navigation Guidecane

Mareena Marydas, Karen Passanha, Bhelcy Nadar, Anthony Menezes

16. Smart ID

Ryan Fernandes, Zaid Khan, Amey Patange, Saurabh Shinde

17. An Unusual Case of Precursor T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia Presented As Leukemia Cutis: Case Report

R. choudhary, Zhang You Shan, Tan Jie, U. Guragain

18. Schema Free Data

Milina Salvi, Prajakta Satardekar, Sayali Mane, Chhaya Narvekar

19. Sentiment Classification of Reviews on Car Domain

Sunil Salunke, Melvin d’souza, Sulochana Devi

20. Automation in Hydroponic System Using PLC

Piyush Patil, Sandip Kakade, Swapnil Kantale, Dipali Shinde

21. Aural Hematoma in Domestic Rabbit (Oryctologos Cunicuulus) – A Case Report

M. Saibaba, G. Vani, P. Veena, R. V. Suresh Kumar

22. Cardiogenic Shock and Acute Pulmonary Edema Due To a Pheochromocytoma: A Case Report and Possible Mechanism

M. Zhang Xiao, R. Lei

23. Design and Analysis of Chainless Transmission

Sanjay B. Zope, Amol R. Patil, Swapnil Wakale

24. Single Phase Fifteen Level Inverter using Seven Switches towards THD Reduction

L. Vijay Anand, S.Vijayanand, E. Immanuvelbright

25. Smart City Control

Purushottam Bagul, Sudarshan Hake, Akshay Sutar, D. R. Shende

26. The Performance Efficiency of the Employee of ACK International Company Limited

Thawatchai Sukhanon, Tosaporn Mahamud

27. Factors Influencing Customer’s Choice for D Cash Brand Hair Color Cream

Nopparat Gromsom, Watchara Yeesoontes

28. Motivation Factors Affecting Work Performance of Au Bon Pain Restaurant Employees

Yardtip Yusutha, Suthum Pongsumran

29. Factors Affecting Customers’ Buying Decision for Telephone Headset

Watchara Yisuntes, Chantra maunmontree

30. Sugar Factory Boiler Automation

Jayshil Zemse, Ashish Bhong, Priyanka Patil, S. V. Kulkarni

31. Automatic Vehicle Speed Control with Wireless In-Vehicle Road Sign Delivery System Using ARM 7

Pratik Mhatre, Ketan Thakur

32. Flaxseed: A Nutritional Smash for Superior Health

Patel Tulsi, Marjadi Darshan

33. Programmed Fingerprint Identification: Using Minutiae Matching Procedure for Fingerprint Database

A. Vinoth, S. Saravanakumar

34. A Survey on Social Data Processing Using Apache Hadoop, Map-Reduce

Sulochana Panigrahi, S Mohan Kumar

35. Case Study on Work Motivation of Temporary Annual Employees of Ramkhamhaeng University, Bangkok

Kamonwan Jansiri, Sutham Phongsamran

36. Consumer Behavior in Purchasing LED Energy Saving Lamp. Case Study: Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) Energy Company Limited

Nuchpharwa Thongthilawong, Tosaporn Mahamud

37. Factors Affecting the Transportation Service of CEVA Vehicle Logistics (Thailand) Company Limited

Weereya Jammintr, Chinnaso Visitnitikija

38. Work Life Quality of Shop Front Sales Person of Singer Thailand Public Company Limited

Siwach Chotkijnusorn, Tosaporn Mahamud

39. Simulative Evaluation and Analysis of ECG Signals using DCT, FFT and DWT Compression Techniques

Nitu, Mandeep Kaur

40. Threshold-Based Moving Object Extraction in Video Streams

Rudrika Kalsotra, Pawanesh Abrol

41. Color Based Image Segmentation Using Adaptive Thresholding

Parul Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol

42. Experimental Analysis of Boundary Approximation Models

Abhineet Gupta, Pawanesh Abrol