International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)
  • ISSN : 2454-1532 (Online)

Volume 2 Issue 1

IJSTA : Volume 2 Issue 1

1. E-Government Analysis: Sultanate of Oman Case

Muatasim Al Salmi, Norlena Hasnan

2. Assessment of Anodyne Activity of Different Leaf Extracts of Celastrus Paniculatus (willd.)

Mohsen Younus

3. A Study of Strengths and Weaknesses of Islamic Cooperatives in Thailand

Tosaporn Mahamud

4. Experimental Analysis of Flow through Concentric Vane Swirler in Combustion Chamber Using Atmospheric Air

Shah Jagruti, Mansha Kumari, Arvind. S. Mohite

5. In vitro Seed Germination and Plantlets Development of Canthium Coromandelicum (Burm. f.) Alston.

Priyadarshini S. Ekambe, Babasaheb S. Surwase

6. New Approach of MA Detection & Grading Using Different Classifiers

S. N. Patil, Komal Hajare

7. Comparison of Marshall and Superpave Asphalt Design Methods for Sudan Pavement Mixes

Magdi M. E. Zumrawi, Samir A. Sheikh Edrees

8. An Efficient Approach for Clustering High Dimensional Data

R. Suganya, S. Vydehi

9. Experimental Investigation for Drinking Water Production through Double Slope Solar Still

Suresh K. Patel, Dhananjay Singh, Rahul Dev, G. L. Devnani

10. Spectral Efficient IDMA System Using Multi User Detection

G. Selvakumar, A. Anand

11. Study on Automatic Age Estimation and Restoration for Verification of Human Faces

Kamal Kishor Sahu, Sonu Agrawal

12. Fast Multiplier for FIR Filters

G. Rajesh Babu, C. N. Marimuthu

13. E-note+Books “A Study of School Digitization Transformation Scope in India”

Shubhada Sanjay Dukle, Kuldeep Kumar

14. Antimicrobial Activity of Leaf Extracts of Asparagus Racemosus Willd–A Medicinal Plant

Mohsen Younus

15. Thin Layer Chromatography, Extraction and Phytochemical Investigations of Celastrus Paniculatus

Mohsen Younus

16. In Vitro Cytotoxic Activity of Medicinal Plants Used in the Treatment of Cancer

Mohsen Younus

17. Atresia Coli in a HF Calf Diagnosed By a Barium Sulphate Enema Contrast Radiograph: A Case Report

M. Saibaba, P. Veena, Ch. Mallikarjuna Rao, M. S. S. V. Phaneendra

18. Echo Determination of Follicular Growth and Ovulation Time in Nubian Goats Subjected to Oestrus Synchronization

M. H. Hosam, E. A. Babiker, E. A. M. Ashwag

19. Serum Metabolites, Haematological Indices and Physiological Parameters of Free Grazing Camels (Camelus dromedaries) as Affected by Different Seasons

Hozifa S. Yousif, Shamseldein H. Ahmed, Shadia A. Omer

20. Frequency Assignment in GSM Networks an Intelligent Approach

Amaechi Chineke

21. Efficiency of Using Sequence Discovery for Polymorphism in DNA Sequence

S. Kalaiselvi, A. Meena

22. Meta Classification Technique for Improving Credit Card Fraud Detection

S. Suganya, N. Kamalraj

23. Performance Analysis of 5-D Coupling for Parallel Angular Transmission

Tushar Bhairavanath Shinde, S. B. Zope

24. Decomposition of Dynamic Texture Using Diamond Search Algorithm

N. Kamala Moorthy, S. Prince Samuel, R. Kiruba

25. Clustering Categorical Data for Internet Security Applications

Sapna V Ambadkar, S. P. Akarte

26. Feed Forward Backpropagation Neural Network Image Compression for Better SNR, PSNR and BPP

Ajeet Kaur, Randhir Singh, Bhanu Gupta

27. Implementation of Model Predictive Control in Real Time Systems

Betty Elezebeth Samuel, Latha Parthiban

28. A Survey on Neural Network Based Minimization of Data Center in Power Consumption

E. Brindha, S. Sobitha Ahila

29. Nuclear Fusion-A Colossal Energy Source

Snehashis Das, Shamik Chattaraj, Anjana Sengupta, Kaustav Mallick

30. Satisfaction and Behavior in Consuming Beauty Queen Medicinal Herbs Cream of Consumers in Bangkok Metropolitan Area

Chuthamat Baokhumkong, Praramee Supmee

31. Brand Loyalty of ‘Mae Samarn’ Thai Baked Mung Bean Cake, Petch Buri Province

Prathana Eiamsiri, Watchara Yisuntes

32. Improving the Quality of Service of Paolo Memorial Chokchai4 Hospital

Peeradol Chaikaewtongmak, Tosaporn Mahamud

33. Decision to Use the Service of Cosmetic Surgery Clinic

Amphai Charoenporn Croll, Watchara Yisuntes

34. Factors Influencing Consumer Behavior in Selecting Service of Thai Massage and Spa

Siriporn Amram, Watchara Yisuntes

35. Obesity and Hypertension Pattern among Selected Group of Employed and Non-Employed Adults in Kandy District, Sri Lanka

C. P Senavirathne, N. D. Dhanapala, P. de Silva, M. Fernando

36. Quality Assessment and Simulative Performance Measures of Content Based Image Retrieval System

Manpreet kaur, Gurpadam Singh

37. Quality of Work Life of Engineer at IS Industrie (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Sukanya Meeboon, Sutham Phongsamran

38. E-Learning and Teacher Preparation in Science and Mathematics

Rajeev G. Sapre, Abhijit P. Bhatye

39. Marfan’s Syndrome (MFS) with Dilated Cardiomyopathy Associated with Giant Heart: A Case Reports and Brief Overview

M. Zhang, Lusyun Kumar Yadav, J. Jin Li

40. Personalized Recommendation System for Onscreen Clients Using Web Usage Mining

R. Vigneshwaran, S. Sobitha Ahila

41. CBGS Result Generation System

Rohit Chawande, Lalit Dabhade, Utsav Acharya, Nilima Rawat

42. Monetary Denial of Sustainability in Cloud Services utilizing HTTP and XML based DDoS Attacks

I. Lakshmi, M. DhanaLakshmi

43. Grading of Rice using Image Processing (GRIP)

Aditya Ghag, Steephen Chacko, Nikhil Dedu, Meena Ugale

44. Automation of Oil Blending System

Pooja Shinde, Snehal Shelke, A. A. Shinde

45. Intelligent Security Robot

Ryan Dsouza, Priyanka Bainagari, Amruta Dicholkar

46. R.A.F.T - Remote Access File Transfer

Krishna Rohila, Neuvine D’souza, Kingsley Rodrigues

47. An Enhance Color Visual Cryptography Scheme

Arpana jaiswal, Praveen Chouksey

48. Asset & Portfolio Management in Real Estate Construction Industry

Dhiraj Gursale, Suraj Tandale

49. A Survey related to Gene Selection and Cancer Classification using Relevance Vector Machine (RVM)

S. Sasikala

50. Impact of Solar Ultravoilet Radiation on Ionosphere

Rahul Shrivastava, Subhash Chand Dubey

51. Virtual Mouse

Roland Lobo, Wilson Lobo, Shivani Tawde, Nigel Martins

52. Duplication Removal in Bug Tracking System

Diana Cardoz, Jennifer Coelho, Samantha Joseph

53. Final Year Placement Management System

Charlotte Katwa, Kashmira Sanjana, Pooja Parmar

54. Appellation using Dual Analysis

Beatrice Jeevaraj, Rhea Anthony, Crystal D’Souza, Valencia Joseph, Abhishek Jotshi

55. The Effect of Digital Literacy on Learning in Higher Education

Sasithorn Suwandee, Penjuree Kanthawongs, Felicito Angeles Jabutay, Chaisak Chitcharoen, Penjira Kanthawongs, Tan Limpachot

56. Factors Positively Predicting E-Learning Effectiveness by Using Facebook in Higher Education

Penjuree Kanthawongs, Sasithorn Suwandee, Felicito Angeles Jabutay, Chaisak Chitcharoen, Penjira Kanthawongs, Tan Limpachot

57. Transformation Based Parametric Analysis for Copy-Paste Tampering Detection

Kusam Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol

58. Surgical Management of Hard Fibroma in A Cross Bred Cow

G. Vani, M. Saibaba, N. Dhana Lakshmi

59. Intelligent Question Paper Generation System

Pushkar Ambole, Urvashi Sharma, Pushkar Deole

60. A Survey on the Data Management in IoT

M. Shona, B. N. Arathi

61. A Survey on Classification of Different Techniques for Web Service Discovery

Anupama P. Nayak, E. Sruthi