International Journal of Scientific and Technical Advancements (IJSTA)
  • ISSN : 2454-1532 (Online)

Volume 1 Issue 3

IJSTA Special Edition of NCTECT-2015 Organized by IETE Jammu Centre in collaboration with Ramnagar Campus of University of Jammu (Volume 1 Issue 3, Edited by: Dr. Rajnikant, Dr. Rakesh Vaid, Dr. Parveen Lehana, and Dr. Pawanesh Abrol)

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1. Effect of Linear Fitting Technique on Quality of Synthesized Speech

Akshay Kumar, Randhir Singh, Parveen Lehana

2. A Review of PCA and LDA Face Recognition Techniques

Rupish Arora

3. Investigation of Harmonic Distortion for Frequently Changing Input Voltage

Jyoti Lalotra, Abhinav Sharma, R. S. Chib, Parveen Lehana

4. Perspective Technologies in E Learning A Review

Neha Jain, Lalit Sen Sharma

5. Image De-noising: Analysis of Standard and Normal Grey Images Using Different Image Formats

Priyanka, Randhir Singh, Sanjeev Kumar

6. VHDL Based FPGA Implemented Advanced Traffic Light Controller System

Sahil Gupta

7. Glint Detection and Evaluation Using Edge Detectors

Anjana Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol

IJSTA Special Edition of NCEEITET-2015 Organized by GCET Jammu in collaboration with IETE Jammu Centre (Volume 1 Issue 3, Edited by: Dr. Pawanesh Abrol, Dr. Parveen Lehana, Dr. Rakesh Vaid, and Dr. Sumit Gupta)

Cover Page

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Message from the Principal, GCET
1. Grid Integration of Renewable Energy Sources

I.S. Jha, Subir Sen, Kashish Bhambhani, Rajesh Kumar

2. OFDM: Basic Concepts, Scope & its Applications

Mohammad Abas Malik, Ghulam RasoolBeigh

3. Simulation Study of Coaxially Gated Ballistic CNTFETMetrics Techniques

Devi Dass, Rakesh Prasher, Rakesh Vaid

4. Performance Evaluation of a Three-Phase Improved Power Quality Converter under Unbalanced Mains Conditions

Deepak Sharma, Abdul Hamid Bhat, Aijaz Ahmad

5. Big Data Proposes an Innovative Concept for Contesting Elections in Indian Subcontinent

Gagandeep Jagdev, Bhalwinder Singh, Mahabli Mann

6. Implementation and Applications of Big Data in Health Care Industry

Gagandeep Jagdev, Sukhpreet Singh

7. Modern Cars Ensures Safety of Human Life via Implementation of RFID and Sensors

Gagandeep Jagdev, Rupinder Kaur

8. Constraints of 2D Face Recognition Crafts Way for 3D Face Recognition Technique

Gagandeep Jagdev, Sukhpreet Singh, Tejinder Singh, Devinder Singh Joshi

9. Design of Log Domain Low Pass Filters Using Quasi Floating Gate MOSFET

Harjeet Kour, Roshani Gupta, Rockey Gupta, Susheel Sharma

10. Electrical Characterization of Metal Gate MOScap with Ultrathin Silicon Oxide as Gate Dielectric

Renu, Richa Gupta, Rakesh Vaid

11. Variation in Dc Characteristics of Digital GatesUsing Floating-Gate MOSFET

Roshani Gupta, Harjeet Kaur, Rockey Gupta, Susheel Sharma

12. Design Challenges and Comparative Analysis of Hierarchical Based Routing

Akhil Vaid, Harneet Kour Khajuria, Loveneesh Talwar

13. A Modified Approach to Implementing Security in (2,2) VCS Schemes

Swati Mahajan, Ajay Koul

14. A Roadmap to Data Security of Automated University Examination System

Balvir Singh, Amarjeetsingh

15. Fabrication and Characterization of Ti-Pt/HfO2/SiO2~4.5nm/n-Si Nanoscale Device for Advanced CMOS Applications

Richa Gupta, Renu, Rakesh Vaid

16. Novel Superjunction Power MOSFET

Deepti Sharma, Rakesh Vaid

17. Analysis of Fitness Function in Genetic Algorithms

Haneet Kour, Parul Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol

18. Quality Assessment and Simulative Performance Measures of Content Based Image Retrieval System

Manpreet Kaur, Gurpadam Singh (Removed as copy right form not received)

19. Detection and Response to External Stimuli

Mohsina Ishrat, Kusam Pawar, Pawanesh Abrol

20. Effect of Singular Value Interpolation on the quality of Ultrasound Images

Santoresh Kumari, Priti Rajput, Jyoti Lalotra, Tinni Sawhney

21. Evaluation of the Accuracy of Genetic Algorithms for Object Detection in Industrial Environment

Ankit Sharma, Raminder Preet Pal Singh, Parveen Lehana

22. Investigations of Nutrient Flow through Microfluidic Channels for Medical Applications

Priti Rajput, Saleem Khan, Sandeep Arya, Parveen Lehana

23. Evaluation of SVD and DCT Models for Image Denoising

Deepika Sharma, Pawanesh Abrol

24. Affective Computing: Challenges and Prospect

Nitigya Sambyal

25. Thermoelectric Generator Based On Vehicle Exhaust Waste Heat Recovery Using Matlab

Baldev Raj, Shivani Choudhary, Simran Gupta, Arjun Singh

26. Image Compression Using the Discrete Wavelet Transform and Implementation

Baldev Raj, Aditya Vikram Pangotra, Aanchaldeep Singh, Dhananjay Singh Charak

27. Role of Carbon Nanotube as a Main Hole Transport Layer In Hybrid Solar Cell: A Review

Deepika Jamwal, Rakesh Vaid

28. e-Learning Security Concerns and Measures

Namita Singh

29. Thermodynamic Analysis of Trans-Critical CO2 Refrigeration Cycle in Indian Context

Nilesh Purohit, Dileep Kumar Gupta, M.S. Dasgupta

30. Evaluation of Refrigerant Options Using TOPSIS-MADM Technique

Simarpreet Singh, M. S. Das Gupta

31. FPGA Implementation of VHDL Based Traffic Light Controller System

Sahil Gupta, Surbhi Sharma

32. Microstrip Patch Antenna

Jamini Sharma, Archana Sharma, Mehak Rathore, Neha Mahajan, Pooja Gupta

33. A Review of Microgrid Protection and Fault Detection Techniques

Monika Balgotra, Meghna Sharma, Deepak Malhotra

34. Recent Advances in Applications of Energy Storage devices in Power System

Sunina Koul, Nitin Langer, Anshu Khosla

35. Improving Productivity by Incorporating Various Maintenance and Management Tools and Techniques

Aditya Parag Goel, Akshay Suri, Malik Minhaj, Amir Bashir, Manpreet Singh, Sahil Singh Chouhan, Gaurav Khajuria, Sarbjeet Singh (Removed as copy right form not received)

36. Measuring Data Quality through Traditional Software Metrics Techniques

Balvir Singh, Amarjeet Singh

37. ARP Spoofing and ARP Poisoning: Proof of Concept and Mitigation

Kamaljot Singh, Sparsh Sharma

38. A Survey on Defensive FrameworkAgainst Various Network Attacks andZero Day Attacks

Mehak Mengi, Mehndi Samra, Sparsh Sharma, Naveen Kumar Gondhi

39. Detection and Mitigation of Rogue Access Point

Mehndi Samra, Mehak Mengi, Sparsh Sharma, Naveen Kumar Gondhi

40. Global Clean Energy Revolution: A Review

Nidhi Badgotra

41. Fabrication and Characterization of Ge Based Nano MOS Capacitor

Rakesh Prasher , Rakesh Vaid

42. Affecting Privacy Choice for App Download Decisions

A. J. Singh, Akshay Bhardwa

43. Controlling Your PC Remotely Using Android Device

Saurabh Kohli, Pardeep Singh, Bhawna Sharma, Sheetal Gandotra

44. Juggling Words: A Text Based Game

Priti Bala, Divya Dogra, Preeti Dubey

45. Secured Encryption: A Proposed Algorithm based on Combination of SHA-1 and Rijndael Encryption Algorithm

Jyoti Mahajan

46. Multi-Agent System Based Framework for Efficient Laboratory and Patient Scheduling Services in Health Care Setup

Jatinder Kumar, M. Syamala Devi, Manpreet Singh

47. Performance Comparison of Wireless Fading Techniques Using MATLAB Implementation

Sameru Sharma, Harinder Dhingra, Kamakshi Sharma, AyushiPuri, Pankaj Thapa

48. Canal Automation

Samreen Kour, Neha Gupta

49. Just in Time Manufacturing: A Manufacturing Philosophy

Sanjeev Gupta

50. Voice Controlled Embedded System UsingAndroid

Anushree Gupta, Ridhima Puri, Diksha Sharma, Anil Gupta (Removed as copy right form not received)

51. The Cyber Warfare and Cyber Security Dynamics

Bhavna Arora

52. Time Series Forecasting of Bandwidth Requirements of GCET Campus

Simmi Dutta, Hiteshwar

53. Synthesis of Azasugars from D-Mannitol: Glycosidase Inhibitors

Anita Brar (Removed as copy right form not received)

54. Color-Texture Based Image Retrieval System

Drishti Kakar, Sandeep kour, Harjot Kour, Ramandeep Kour, Shalini Sharma (Removed as copy right form not received)

55. Experimental Determination of Vapour-Liquid Equilibrium Data for the Binary Mixtures P-Xylene and O-Xylene at 81.3 KPA

Malik Parvez, Goverdhan Singh, Suraj Tyagi, Shantanu Kumar, Saqib Khan

56. Importance of Capacitance and Tan?? in the Life of EHV Equipments

K. R. Suri, Sanjay Sharma

57. ANN �WAVELET Based ECG Signal Processing Using MATLAB Approach

Aazib Hamid Bhat, Shahid Amin Raina, ArifIrfan Khanday, Ajay Abrol (Removed as copy right form not received)

58. Review on Microstrip Patch Antennas Using Metamaterials

Shalini, Pushkar Mishra, Roopali (Removed as copy right form not received)

59. Implementation of Effective Sensing Techniques for Performance Analysis in Cognitive Radio Network

Harsh Magotra, G. Singh